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A trade presentation should suit the products as well as the presenting company. We view our tast in developing your ideal booth. That's why we like to get to know and understand the firm along with its products. A close examination of the presenting entity and its exhibits forms the foundation, and is a prerequisite for the initial planning phase.

The goal of participating in a trade fair:
Does the focus lie on information, presentation or demonstration? Are you considering a product lounch, presenting an innovation or possibly your entire product range? Is your goal to highlight market presence, to network or to strengthen already existing clinet reationships?

Conceptual Design

The goals of your trade fair participation build the foundation for booth design.

Additionally, local elements are important:
The fair, convention center, booth placement and neighbors.

We will provide you with multiple sugggested solutions animated in 3D. In doing so we look for individual best-case scenarios for your distinct circumstances. Important elements include visitor management and presentation, colors and materials, functional organization, light installation and staging. During the whole process we continuously integrate the exhibitor's feedback to maximize identification with the trade fair booth.


We are able to benefit from established relationships with national and international partners during the structural implementation. Depending on the project, production and assembly are planned and every task is coordinated individually: metal and steel construction, carpenter, synthetics and wood processing, varnishers, painters, graphic designers, decorators, electronic and light installations, use and functioning of multimedia technology.

We introduce the construction phase, and accompany the presenting firm, throughout the process.

Per your request, we will also be happy to assist you during and after the trade fair.

This includes catering and translation services, disassembly and storage of the booth as well as its exhibits.